Q: What Products do you use?
A: I am polybranded.  So I am not biased towards any one brand.  I use all of the top quality products such as BeautiControl, MAC, Dermalogica etc.  If you are worried about anything that I am using or have a skin condition that you are concerned about please don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your worries.

Q: How do you clean your kit?
A: Hygiene is of upmost impotance to me.  My kit is constantly being cleaned with a dry alcohol spray (for the powder products) and alcohol wipes for the rest of the kit. My brushes are cleaned after every use and I use disposables for mascara, this way the wand is never used on two people.  If you are concerned about any of this please don't hesitate to contact me.

Q: How long before the wedding does the trial have to be?
A: I reccomend roughly 10-12 weeks before the wedding however this is only a guide, really it can be taken as soon or as late as you like!

Q: What does the trial entail?
A: We will discuss everything from skin type, wedding time, what make up you usually like to wear, colour themes basically everything that is concerning you!  We will design your perfect look and I will record exactly what you love so I can replicate it on your wedding day.

Q: How long will the trial take?
A: For make up only bookings on average around an hour and a half but we will carry on until you are completely comfortable.  If you are having hair as well it will take about an hour longer.

Q: Can I bring friends with me along to the trial?
A: Of course, everyone needs a second opinion!

Q: Where will the trial be?
A: 5518 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 16, Catonsville, MD 21228

Q: Will I get to try lashes at the trial?
A: Yes if you want them they are included in the trial price and on the wedding day of course!

Q: Will I come to you on the wedding day?
A: Most definitely, I will come to your chosen location.

Q: How much do you charge for travel?

A: $10 flat rate.

Q: How much time should we allow on the day?
A: Roughly about 35 - 40 minutes per person.

Q: Should hair or make up be done first?
A: There are no written rules so whatever you prefer.  

Q: What if there isn’t a package that is exactly what I need?
A: I will always try to make the best deal for you possible.